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My approach

Transformational Leadership & Life Coaching

Transitions in life are inevitable; what matters most is what we do when we encounter them. As a coach, I believe our mindsets shape our reality. We all experience natural cycles of change and growth, giving us the opportunity to reassess our relationships, including the most important relationship with ourselves. The quality of our relationships directly impacts our thinking, actions and results. A positive shift in our thinking can lead to greater self-awareness and build success.

This self-awareness will bring the confidence to see yourself as the whole, capable, creative and resourceful person you are. Working together we will find your path to meet your goals, expand your potential and discover a way forward that is truly meant for you.

success starts with you.
i'll help you get there.

Through my unique approach, you’ll gain more confidence, energy and focus that leads to exciting new directions in your life and career. Together we will create an action plan to achieve your goals. Through our partnership, you will be inspired, shift your thinking and expand your potential.

how it works

Through transformational life and leadership coaching, I combine industry-leading business practices, the science of character assessment and honed intuition to help you gain personal insight and thrive through life's major transitions. As an experienced and inspiring wayfinder, I’ll guide you in the direction of your dreams so you can get focused on the life, career or business you are ready to grow. Together, we'll journey through a unique and practical coaching plan, grounded and tailored to you.

As a business consultant, I provide strategic, action-oriented mentorship rooted in decades of executive corporate leadership to help my clients accelerate their success. I also speak to teams and organizations about working together more effectively to reach a common goal, establishing operating principles for great success and elevating performance and leadership.

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career Coaching

You Are So Much More Than Your Personality.

That’s where your identity begins, but your inner character strengths determine who you become. Tilt365 assessments will help get you there, backed by character science and positive psychology. I am a trained Tilt365 Practitioner ready to help you turn these results into your next steps toward success.

Strengths-focused Practices

Why go through the rest of your life in a way that is not optimal? Created by Jerald Forster and Jennifer Rose and explained in their book “Articulating Your Strengths”, this practice advocates that you can change your focus and overcome your negativity bias. It is easy and even fun to discover the secret that a simple practice can change the quality of your life. I am trained in and use the strengths-focused practices in my coaching sessions.

Voice dialog

Created by Hal Stone, PhD and Sidra Stone, PhD, Voice Dialogue is a method for learning about and connecting with the many selves that make up each of us. I am trained to use this coaching tool to help you embrace and work with all of these selves to move forward, have real choice, and live life more fully and consciously.

TED* The Empowerment Dynamic
& The 3 Vital Questions

Created by David Emerald, the author of The Power of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic)® and 3 Vital Questions: Transforming Workplace Drama, this approach is a tool for both individuals and organizations who want to create more effective communication and relationships.

I am trained in and use the 3VQ and TED* Frameworks® in my coaching practice supporting my clients shift their focus from problems to outcomes.

Authorized facilitator of Reflection
Circles / Living with Change Program

The Living with Change Program includes individual guided reflection and impactful group debriefs to:

  • Look in and explore how you are experiencing change.
  • Reach out to keep the momentum going as you live with, and navigate, change.

Reflection Circles create the inspiring and supportive space to question, re-think and respond in new ways to emerging challenges and opportunities. Joining a Reflection Circle will help you strengthen your skills in working with emotion, uncertainty and complexity. As an authorized facilitator, I will help you connect with this powerful program.

Accelerate your development
with Tilt 365 Assessments

Tilt 365 provides character strengths-based personality assessments that give people valuable insights into themselves and others.  Personality is where your identity begins, but your inner character strengths determine who you become.  I am a certified Tilt 365 practitioner and will help you understand not just what you do, but the underlying drivers of why you do it.  Tilt 365 assessments are backed by character science and neuroscience.

Clarify your purpose and start your personal transformation now.Create an action plan and finally feel in control of your business.Inspire your team to tackle transformational change.