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“Susan Ireland came into my life at a serendipitous moment when I was positioned to make some big changes to my growing company to either head in the right direction or crash and burn! Her patient, kind, guidance, genuine interest and wealth of knowledge and ideas not only set me up for my next successes, it reinvigorated my passion for running my company!”

Katie Joannes, LMT, Founder and Owner, Intuitive Bodywork, LLC

Katie JoannesKatie Joannes

“Susan is an insightful, thoughtful, and authentic leadership coach. We have worked through business and personal challenges by evaluating the situations, advancing accountability, and encouraging action into results. She holds space for what is real for the client with compassion, asking crucial questions, and assisting the client through self-discovery.”

Michelle Zeiser, Executive Coach, Strategist, Consultant,

Michelle ZeiserMichelle Zeiser

"I support entrepreneurs to change from stresspreneurs to chillpreneurs by giving seminars, 1:1 coachings and leading a mastermind group. Before working with Susan, I did not dare to be vulnerable or to 'go extreme' by making my standpoint as clear as possible. My challenge was to act clearly but at the same time not to be too demanding. With her decades of experience, she showed me how to better communicate with my group members. My way of leading changed to a more advanced and better form - thanks to Susan!"

Patricia Zinnecker, Germany

Patricia ZinneckerPatricia Zinnecker

“Susan has consistently provided excellent support to BenchStrench Coaching by facilitating workshops and providing individual mentor coaching for our Women Rising program participants. Susan has a dynamic combination of expertise, experience, and professionalism and a warm approach that results in effective learning and personal growth. The feedback we receive from her participants is that she is motivating, inspiring and they appreciate the transformational work they do with Susan. We hope to be collaborating with Susan for a long time to come!”

BenchStrength Coaching

BenchStrength CoachingBenchStrength Coaching