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Guiding you through transformational growth in your career and life.

I work with curious, open, and driven individuals who are motivated to maximize their potential. Whether you consider yourself a leader, entrepreneur, executive, or simply a human being who wants to achieve something, my coaching services are best for unique, creative people who are inspired to find what's next – in work and life. My clients love working with me because of my decades of experience in business operations, and because I'm a certified coach with the proven ability to bring out the best in my clients.

If you're ready to work with a trusted coach who will guide you, inspire you, and even push you to make a dramatic change, you're in the right place.

Coaching that instills confidence.
Transformation that lasts.

Each one-to-one coaching program is created uniquely for you, and we'll begin our work with a complementary hour-long call designed to discover if we connect and how we can move you toward your goals. From there, I'll create a coaching approach that helps you stay on track to meet those goals and realize your true potential — a process that leads to profound personal transformation.

My approach to coaching is always honest, non-judgmental, direct, and intuitive – and designed to regenerate confidence and clarity in your next steps. As an experienced and inspiring wayfinder, I'll guide you in the direction of your dreams so you can get focused on the life, career or business you're ready to grow.

Discover your essence
Articulate your strengths
Clarify your goals
Shift into a new awareness
Create momentum
Make transformative change
Reach your new potential

career Coaching

As a career coach, I work with professionals at all levels to achieve their career goals as they rise to higher levels of leadership, responsibility, authority, accountability and contribution.

Expanding your role as a leader requires a new way of thinking. I support your leadership journey with tools to broaden your perspective and hone your skills to strengthen your unique voice and performance results. Whether you're seeking out a new role or growing into your existing one, I can help you leverage your value to cultivate success, no matter where you work.

Transition coaching

Careers go through growth and change, but we rarely recognize and embrace all the possibilities that come with new job titles and responsibilities. When we experience a promotion, new job, or decide it’s time for a dramatic transition such as retirement or career change, we face new expectations, requirements, and decisions that trigger new, mixed emotions.

I will help you own your role, create real value and grow as a professional.

Life coaching

We all reach turning points in life that lead us to choose what's next and redefine our journey. Are you re-evaluating your priorities or focus after experiencing this last year of Covid?  Are you in  life transition due to a loss such as a divorce, or focused on seeking a path toward a better future more aligned with your current desires or dreams? Life coaching will help you find purpose and meaning through new awareness of your values and unique strengths.

As an experienced wayfinder, I ask the questions and provide the guidance that supports you to find your new path to go farther, faster, and continue to transform. You will get out of your own way and enjoy fresh insights of self-discovery as, together, we find clarity about what you want, how to go get it and turn challenges into positive results.

Seasons leadership

Global Leadership Development

Growing into the leader you want to be takes time, and when you commit yourself, everything you need to grow as a professional can fall into place. Join Debbie Collard and me for the Seasons Leadership Program, a comprehensive leadership development program designed to support your growth and success through in-depth workshops, executive coaching, and an inspiring international community of powerful, supportive women.

In this transformative program of self-discovery and practical guidance, you'll learn from us, seasoned executives and professional coaches who have experienced the challenges and wins of working in leadership positions at one of the world's most recognized corporations.

Join a group of inspiring, motivated professionals focusing on their trajectory, accelerating their progress, and maximizing their positive impact on the world.

It’s your time to accelerate and transform.
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