Transform Winter 2022 Newsletter

Transform Winter 2022 Newsletter


Growing Into Something You Love Full-Circle

Meet Seasoned Leader Annie Stocker

By Lauren Penning, Seasons Leadership

A self-described “reluctant leader” at first, Annie Stocker has built an impressive yoga business – Two Dog Yoga – in Seattle, WA, which honors her connection to community and the rhythm of her leadership journey. She started out following something she found comforting and safe, and it has taken her on a full-circle journey of growth. From her first vision at 19 years old which she described as “to craft a place where people

could come for healing,” to building her ‘Little Dog’ studio in the backyard of her Seattle home to expanding to ‘Big Dog,’ a large community space in Lake City – and now recently closing the larger studio after 20 years – Stocker has remined deeply connected to her passion for yoga and massage as ways to help people find their place of ease and balance. This path has been fundamental to her blossoming into a successful business owner...READ MORE

Winter - A Season of Going Deep

By Susan Ireland, co-founder Seasons Leadership

Winter signals the end of the year. The temperature drops, the leaves so beautiful just a few weeks ago, have dropped off, leaving the bare branches to shutter in the wind, rain and snow. In fall, you may have decided to say goodbye to some aspect of your life, and in winter, you live with that decision. There could be some feelings of loss and grief. And, in many ways, there is also a relief...READ MORE

Mindful Style Transformation

By Pamela Forgrieve, Certified Image Consultant and the Director of Operations at Michael Bruce Image Consulting

As image consultants we often hear the phrase “I need a makeover, or so and so could use a makeover,” and I must admit that terminology does make me cringe just a little. A makeover is simply a band aid for someone’s style, it’s a moment in time where you are given a great outfit to wear, with a fresh hair style and makeup. There is no follow up, no education, it does not get to the heart of the style issue, whether that is a lack of direction, ideas, or self-awareness of who someone really is, and it’s not sustainable... READ MORE

Seasons Leadership: A More Inclusive Vision

Many have asked us about our future Seasons Leadership cohort plans. We are still considering what form this will take in 2022. We have loved our last two cohorts of outstanding women leaders and are inspired by all they do to make this world a better place. We will continue to support these women while expanding our community to include all leaders...READ MORE

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Practicing Grace Makes the World Better

I suggest we allow ourselves and others some latitude of grace. We can start by assuming that people have positive intent and are trying their best. I’m not saying we shouldn’t hold people accountable, and I am dismayed when we twist definitions to allow abusive or immoral behavior but to err is human.

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Debbie Collard at her desk

Embrace the Season of Fall

The school calendar has entangled my psyche because despite September being the 9th month of the year, it is always the symbolic transition into a new year. In August, even when the weather is usually hottest in Seattle where I live, I sense the weather shifting as the nights get longer and chillier. I still do my "school shopping," where I get new writing supplies, shoes, and a winter coat. I also feel slightly unsettled because I am not yet clear on what to expect from this symbolic new year.

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Debbie Collard at her desk

Three Mentorship Relationships to Pursue for Success

I believe there are three mentorship relationships you should consider seeking out: experienced, peer and early career. All three will offer you different perspectives and opportunities for growth.

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